Runner3 Confirmed To Arrive To Nintendo Switch This Fall

There's no doubt that Nintendo Switch is the most talked about console of recent memory. Fans all over the world are stoked to get their hands on this system. Within this excitement, there's this anticipation of what games are going to be playable. Well, adding to the list is no other than Runner3 and it's shaping to be an interesting addition.

According to Polygon, Runner3 is already confirmed to be among the games playable in Nintendo Switch. It's basically the next entry in the Bit.Trip series from Choice Provisions. As of this writing, it's still under development. The studio has just announced its official arrival, though.

The aforementioned game will arrive to Nintendo Switch sometime this fall. This was also confirmed by Nintendo during its YouTube stream called Nindies Showcase. Apparently, there will be new features in the forthcoming game. These are all but new to the titular Bit.Trip series. It includes, but not limited to, branching paths, vehicles, item shops and hero quests.

In its most organic form, Runner3 in Nintendo Switch will follow the continuing adventures of the so-called CommandoVideo. The latter along with his creepy friends will embark on a journey to battle their arch-rival - the Timbletot. This villain is all set to rid the universe of all its happiness and love. Fortunately, there are those who won't let it happen, as stated in the official description of the game.

The studio also confirmed that Runner3 will "take advantage" of the number of unique features that Nintendo Switch offers. As of this writing, however, the company isn't ready to go into details. Hence the elements that they'll use or incorporate will remain a mystery. It's also worth noting that the previous entry from the video game company has the same side-scrolling 3D art style with the upcoming one. So, in a sense, the new installment won't necessarily be new.

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