Final Fantasy XV Director Admits Being Interested In Nintendo Switch

Since day one, Final Fantasy XV fans have been wondering if the game will arrive to Nintendo Switch. It's worth noting that the latter is considered as one of the highly talked about consoles of recent memory. So, in a sense, fans of the game wish to bring their gameplay to it. Fortunately, the existence of the console has somehow interest the title's director named Hajime Tabata.

As of this writing, Final Fantasy XV isn't included in the list of confirmed titles for Nintendo Switch. So fans, hold your horses first. But of course, it doesn't mean it won't happen. In a report from GameSpot, the game's director shared his thoughts about the titular console. Heck, he even iterated his perspective towards adding FFXV to it.

Hajime Tabata, the Final Fantasy XV director, said that he has a solid experience when it comes to "handheld titles" and/or "console games." He explained that in the case of Nintendo Switch, it's both. So, in one way or another, it's "fascinating" for him. The well-known Square Enix executive reveals that he's interested in "coming up with ideas" on how to take advantage of the technology.

The aforementioned Final Fantasy XV director also admitted that for this to be possible, they have to work on lots of things. For instance, they want to ensure that players will be able to acquire the best possible experience on Nintendo Switch. However, as what he said, for now, they've yet to find this. So it may really take a good amount of time before anything about it can be revealed.

While what he said is quite interesting, Final Fantasy XV fans should not jump into conclusion and think that the game will arrive to the console. Let alone the thought of the studio working on a Nintendo Switch game. But of course, as clear as the sky, Hajime Tabata and his team are indeed interested. And maybe, in the next few months or so, they'll have a better news to give to the community.

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