Good Gamers Are Shown Why They Are So Skilled

Today, more kids are into video games. As consoles and PC games continue to be on the market, kids become more skilled in gaming. Good gamers are shown why they are so in a study.

Many become good in gaming because they constantly are into it. Generally that is true, as practice does makes perfect, as a saying goes. However, scientists are still trying to find out what skills are used by good gamers.

For the study, two games have been used to look into how gamers become good. The two games are "Halo: Reach" and "Starcraft 2." The two games showed how different skills used by players can play a part in success.

Players in "Halo: Reach" have players use different play patterns. For those playing "Starcraft 2," players are seen to have unique and consistent rituals. Jeff Huang, lead author of the study and Computer Science professor at Brown University has said that game data gives researchers an opportunity to study long term patterns of people that can't be done in a lab.

The research has shown that people who play the most matches in a week were the most skilled ones. Huang though has observed that people who spaced playing matches had better skills than those who play more matches. Short breaks were needed for players to rest as well.

Long breaks between games can affect skills though. Short breaks of one or two days didn't affect player skills much, but longer breaks can. A 30-day break can take players 10 games before getting their skills back, according to Brown University's site.

Moderation is the key to becoming a good gamer, Huang has observed. Breaks are good for gaming, though long breaks can decrease skills learned in it. Another important aspect to successful gaming is consistency, and this has been shown in players of "Starcraft 2."

Successful "Starcraft 2" players use hot keys more often, as Science Daily reports. They are also more consistent in making hot key combos more than less skilled players do. Successful players also have consistent habits that keep them focused in the game even when under pressure.

The study aims to show that such habits in gaming could also be used in other areas. Efficiency in work is needed, and studying gamers might help people to become more efficient in work as well. Good gamers are shown why they are so in a study. A study shows that brain cells prefer one set of parent's genes.

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