Destiny's Iron Banner Event Is Different Than Before, Here's Why

By Shayne Caravana , Mar 01, 2017 04:01 AM EST

Bungie is making sure that Destiny players will continue to be interested. The Iron Banner event that just started aims to do just this, which the developer also claims to have something new to offer. In addition, there are also upcoming changes that will reportedly improve the gameplay that players should watch out.

Destiny's New Event, Iron Banner Is Live

Last Feb. 28, Bungie added Iron Banner event in the game. If the players want to participate in the event, then they have to head to Lord Saladin located at Felwinter's Peak to receive the quest, according to The Inquisitr. However, the invite will be only given to the players just once.

When the Iron Banner was live, players noticed the occurrence of changes in Destiny. They are ecstatic that Tempered Buff is no longer in the game. In addition, for the reputation system, Victories will receive 250 points while for Medallions will be granted 150.

All throughout the week, the Daily Bounties will be replaced with four Weekly Bounties. The players can get their bounties to Lady Efrideet who is found at the Iron Temple at the Felwinter's Peak. The event will last until March 7 before the Weekly Reset starts.

What Will Iron Banner Bring To Destiny?

The event will introduce Supremacy mode. The mode will be about teamwork because the players need to get the Crests that their enemies will drop when they are engaged in matches. It also goes to say that players must also prevent their enemies to get their own Crests.

The players have the chance to use the Iron Banner weapons such as The Lingering Song and The Laughing Heart that Bungie added. Moreover, there are new armors included along with a new rule that every player will receive a Medallion even if they lose in a match.

After the event is finished, Hotfix will be released in Destiny. Bungie is making sure that at the end of the month, there are changes that will make the gameplay even better. Although the developer is still testing the upcoming patch before making it available in the game.

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