Long Overdue? Kate Hudson's Ex-Husband Chris Robinson Petitions To Reopen Joint Custody Agreement Over Son, Ryder

By Marian F. Roncesvalles , Mar 01, 2017 04:10 AM EST

The "Almost Famous" star Kate Hudson was seen walking her pooch clad in her signature tank top and yoga pants; with a black jacket tied around her waist. This was just a few hours after news broke out about the reopening of the custody battle between her and ex-husband, Chris Robinson, regarding their 13-year-old son, Ryder.

Chris Robinson Petitions Joint Custody Agreement With Kate Hudson; Could The Current Setup Change?

"The Black Crowes" 50-year-old singer, Chris Robinson, who was married to Kate Hudson for over seven years has filed a petition to reopen the joint custody agreement. The ex-couple got divorced in 2007. Their son Ryder was only 2 years old during that riotous phase of their marriage.

After 10 years, Robinson is seeking to have the agreement reevaluated yet again by the California's Superior Court; which names Robinson as petitioner and Hudson as respondent. Currently, both have joint custody but with the recent documents submitted, this setup could change.

Legal documents procured by Daily Mail states that "The evaluator shall perform a child custody evaluation and issue a written report and make recommendations for use by the parents and the Court in developing a parenting plan that addresses legal custody and physical custody, including where the child shall reside and visitation orders based upon the best interests of the child."

Hudson And Robinson Willing To Undergo Strict Assessments To Serve The Best Interests Of Their Son, Ryder

Reports from E! News state that both parties have agreed to submit themselves to evaluation. An evaluator will also conduct an interview with their son to ensure that living arrangements are safe and serve the child's best interests. More so, both have agreed that the evaluator will have direct and full access to their health and mental health records and to subject themselves to assessments in line with their employment, mental health, and education.

Hudson and Robinson will also be required to submit to rigorous psychological testing as well as drug and alcohol testing. This will then serve as a basis to determine whether both Hudson and Robinson are fit enough to provide care for their son, Ryder. The courts have also ordered Hudson to pay the initial fee of $7,500 for the evaluation.

With a blue aviator sunglasses framing Hudson's face and headphones in her ears, the 37-year-old actress who was recently linked to Brad Pitt seems to want to block not just the glaring Los Angeles sun but the deadbeat stress of this custody battle. The "How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days" star certainly wants to just simply get over this muddy ordeal and get back on track together with his son, Ryder Russell.

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