EVE Online News, Updates: Players Destroy A $13,000 Spaceship; Details Here

Recently, a group of players destroyed a spaceship in EVE Online, which is worth over $13,000. Fans got surprised about the raid as it was executed perfectly. The Imperium, which is an in-game guild, was the one responsible for the attack. They announced an event where the renegades must attack a safe location in the game, which is also earning a lot of resources.

How Did The Group Of Players Destroyed The Spaceship That Is Worth Over $13,000 In EVE Online?

In the video of the attack, which can be seen down below, fans can see how the renegades have dominate the massive spaceship. The renegades have used a lot of resources from attacking the spaceship, which is called the Freighter. However, the attackers got a lot of stocks again after looting the resources of the destroyed Freighter.

The renegades did a good job on raiding the Freighter as it was not secured on the time that they raided it. It was clearly a surprise attack, which is a very effective strategy in the game. A Freighter is known to have a very good defense. However, the renegades make it look so easy as they destroyed the said spaceship in just a few minutes.

More Attacks In Safe Areas Are Expected To Come In EVE Online

With the amazing raid that the renegades did on the Freighter, fans can expect that they will raid more spaceships again, especially the ones that are not heavily guarded. At this point of time, the renegades have a lot of stocks.

However, it will not last that long as they are known to continuously raid different areas in the game. Due to this, players must be very careful on encountering the said groups. Fans can also expect that The Imperium will destroy all of the safe places in the game. EVE Online can be played on PC.

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