Pokémon GO: Niantic To Add Co-Op Play And More Pokémon Soon

It appears that Niantic has a lot of surprises for all Pokémon fans for this year as the company announced its plans to bring in new exciting feature and Pokémon into the game. Could this be the comeback of the renowned-turned-mundane mobile app of the century?

Yesterday, the founder and current CEO of Niantic, John Hanke, revealed the company's plans on Pokémon GO and their endeavors to spice up the game and acquire new players including those that have left or gone to temporary inactivity. Hanke explicitly stated that there will be three major contents that will drop before the end of 2017. According to him, these three updates will launch once in every three months. What's more, at the end of the session, the CEO has dropped two interesting contents to come.

According to Hanke, "There will be new functions. For example, being able to play cooperatively, group competitions. It is something that has worked in Ingress and is what we will adapt to Pokémon Go. There will also be new Pokémon." This news is pretty enthralling considering the lack of PvP contents in the game. It's worth noting that one of the aspects that players have been yearning for in Pokémon GO is outright PvP - in which, it's fair to say, one of the main reasons why some players left the game entirely.

Aside from the confirmed contents that will come in the next update, according to some sources from the SilphRoad, the Trading System is not in the top priority of the company as there are some matters that take precedence. Furthermore, based on previous interviews, it's more likely that the studio will revamp the current gym system and make further improvements to cater the needs for competitive play.

Is Niantic planning to introduce Pokémon GO into Esport just like Supercell's Clash Royale? Check back for more Pokémon News and Updates!

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