Samsung To Produce 12 Million Galaxy S8 Units In March And April

A new report from South Korea said that the production of the Galaxy S8 is now ramping up. It has already been confirmed that the long awaited Samsung flagship will be made official at the end of this month. As per the new report, Samsung expects a healthy demand for its new phones. This is why more than 12 million units are being produced and aimed to finish before April ends.

Twelve Million Galaxy S8 Units Coming Up

As per Sam Mobile, 4.7 million Galaxy S8 units will be produced this March alone. In April, 7.8 million more will be added to the stocks. Past reports have already mentioned Samsung's plans to exceed 10 million Galaxy S8 units and the new report backs this up. It was said that the mass production of the devices are being done in Samsung's facility in Vietnam.

Samsung's 2017 Smartphone Plans

Phone Arena said that Samsung is prepping up for a global launch of the Galaxy S8 series. It was said that the company will sell the new flagship phones in most of its target markets all at the same time. This means no more waiting for South Korea's demand to slow down before other countries can get their units. Nevertheless, there's still no clarity as to whether or not Samsung prioritized one S8 model over the other in terms of production quantity, but there have been past reports saying that the S8 Plus will likely be more in-demand than the smaller S8 model.

Do take note however, that Samsung hasn't confirmed the above figures. The company doesn't usually share details regarding production schedules. The only certain thing right now is that Samsung will finally unveil the Galaxy S8 on March 29 after skipping its usual MWC launch. This phone series will be Samsung's only flagship phones for 2017 up until the new Galaxy Note series gets released in H2 of the year.

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