Samsung Doubles First Shipments Of Galaxy S8

Samsung is but a few weeks away from launching the Galaxy S8. This phone may not make it to the MWC event this month-end but it sure is arriving just a few weeks after. In fact, the Galaxy S8 may make a grand entrance with doubled-up shipment for its initial units. Apparently, Samsung seems to aim hitting its 60 million S8 unit target. With that, a ramped-up production may be necessary.

Samsung Galaxy S8 Initial Shipment

According to recent reports, Samsung is doubling-up its S8 shipment this 2017 as compared to the S7 shipment from 2016. If this rumor is true, it goes to show that the company is pushing harder than ever now that the first flagship to follow the Note 7 is entering the market. It's worth noting that the Galaxy S7 and S6 series sold about 48 million and 45 million units respectively. With that, a 60-million unit sales is a pretty aspiring goal for Samsung. Nevertheless, it's an understandable goal considering the losses that the company had to go through with Note 7's debacle.

Samsung Galaxy S8 Expectations

So far, things look good for the Galaxy S8. People are excited and not a lot of negativity has been noted for the new S-series device. Considering the fact that the Galaxy S8 phones will come with super improved and high-end specs, it's pretty understandable how excited Samsung fans could be. Take note that this year, Samsung is allegedly ditching the flat variant for the S-series and a bigger-sized model will be introduced.

As per sources, the Galaxy S8 will be made official on March 29 but its release won't take place until mid-April. Samsung will also be participating in the Mobile World Congress event in a couple of weeks, and while the Galaxy S8 won't be unveiled at the said event, the Galaxy Tab S3 will be. Hopefully though, an S8 teaser could at least make its way to the MWC 2017.

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