PlayStation VR Aim Controller Alongside VR Shooter 'Farpoint' Launch On May

By Anj Cagay , Mar 04, 2017 03:00 AM EST

At GDC this week, Impulse Gear, the developer of Farpoint, confirmed that the game and controller will launch as a bundle for the next few months. PS VR Aim Controller claims to deliver a seamless first-person shooter experience in virtual reality, reducing the nausea-inducing side effects which normally associated with free movement VR shooters.

PS VR Aim Controller And Farpoint Brings Immersive VR Experience

The PS VR Aim controller itself is sleek, minimal, and a complete configuration for converting a standard dual-stick shooter into a VR game with an analog stick for movement and a built-in pink color ball.  The pink orb on the front is designed to mimic your movements in the real world. For example, if you point the gun to the side, it will move that way independently of your head movements. and is shaped so you can hold it like an assault rifle pulled into the shoulder or fire from the hip. The controller uses a similar system to the Move controllers for PS VR.  Meanwhile, the Farpoint itself is described as a free movement and a virtual reality shooting game that is only exclusive to the PS VR. The Aim Controller is effectively a replacement for the Sharpshooter. However, take note that Farpoint won't support the Sharpshooter at all. You should have an Aim or a standard PS4 gamepad to play the game once it eventually comes out in the market.

Price And Availability

It is noteworthy that the Farpoint offers an amazing VR experience because the VR Aim makes the whole experience much more enchanting. According to a source, the Aim Controller will soon be available hitting the market starting on May 16th. Most likely you'll get the PS VR Aim Controller and Farpoint bundle for $80. As with the retailers, a June release date is likely to happen.


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