2016 Top Gadgets: Samsung S7, Amazon Echo, Playstation VR And More

It's been another great year for tech; 2016 has launched amazing gadgets we can all appreciate. We've seen a lot of new smartphones, watches, noise-cancelling headphones and virtual reality headsets. From a futuristic little speaker that follows your commands to a retro game console that holds our hand as we are escorted through nostalgia lane, indeed 2016 is a time to be alive for gadget lovers.

Well,this year's crop of best tech gadgets has something for everyone. We did our research, looking at what's trending at Best Buy, Amazon and in social media. Might as well our own top suggestions across several categories. "Tech The Halls This Holiday Season With These Best gadgets Of 2016"


Samsung Galaxy S7 edge - $769. Samsung has tossed out its rivals again this year with the awesome Galaxy S7 edge. This amazing water resistant phone has a stunning curved display. Impressive camera and the best battery in the business.


PlayStation VR - $399. 2016 has been a great a year for VR and PlayStation's headset have come out on the top list.This virtual reality headset plugs straight into your PS4 console. It will let you explore virtual reality in its ever improving glory - swimming with sharks, exploring the deepest parts of space, become a real life superhero - all within the confines and comfort of your home.


Apple MacBook Pro with Touch Bar -$2,999. Apple's popular MacBook finally got touch-screen technology this year. The US tech giant's recent powerful laptop now features a smarter keyboard Touch Bar which changes as you switch between applications.The new MacBook Pro is also faster, smarter and a lot lighter.


Amazon Echo - $179. Amazon's voice controlled Echo speaker is surprisingly a hit of 2016. This internet-connected music maker not just only plays your favorite tunes. It offers cool features such as reading your daily news and also ordering your shopping; it can even crack jokes. 

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