‘One Punch Man' Season 2 Spoilers And Updates: Saitama To Lose His Powers And Will Also Look Different?

"One Punch Man" Season 2 will again feature the powerful hero Saitama with the deadly single-punch power. However, in this upcoming season, there is a possibility that he will lose this power. If he loses it, he can be easily defeated by his enemies. This is dangerous since according to some spoilers, he will have a lot of new enemies in this upcoming season.

Saitama Becomes Powerless In The Next Season

So, Saitama's life could be in danger more ever than before. The question is: how will Saitama lose his power in "One Punch Man" Season 2? There were some rumors that the next season will feature a woman, who will catch the eye of the bald, yellow-caped hero. Apparently, Saitama will fall badly for this girl.

Here's The Most Probable Reason

Now, these rumors of "One Punch Man" Season 2 suggest that when a man is in love, he becomes tender and therefore, vulnerable. They say he carelessly loses control and somehow becomes powerless. Admittedly, this theory could not just be readily applied to Saitama.

However, there are also other spoilers of "One Punch Man" Season 2 that indicate the bald hero will kneel before Lord Boros. How can Saitama do this if he is still powerful? The logical reason is that he might have been powerless in order for Boros to force him to go down on his knees.

Saitama's Looks Will Also Be Changed

It seems that his powers will not just be the element that will change in Saitama when "One Punch Man" Season 2 opens. There are rumors that suggest that even his looks will be changed. It also appears that these rumors are based on actual facts.

Look At The Drawings Of Saitama's Creator

Yusuke Murata, the creator of "One Punch Man" Season 2, has uploaded on his Twitter account some of his drawings of Saitama. His drawings showed Saitama with different facial expressions when seen up close. It seems that the author wants to show more of Saitama's inner character by giving him more facial expressions than before. Watch Murata draw Saitama in the video below.

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