‘One Piece’ Spoilers, Updates: New Original Arc To Premiere On March 19

The Weekly Shonen Jump magazine announced in its 14th issue that the story of Luffy and the Straw Hat Pirates will feature a new original arc. Some "One Piece" spoilers and updates say that this will be just a filler arc that will have a limited run. There will be new characters in this original video anime.

These Rookie Marines Seems To Be The Best

 A number of "One Piece" spoiler and updates suggest that the title of this filler arc will be "Marine Rookie." If that is true, this arc will feature novice seafarers. There is a report that says the kanji characters that were translated as "rookie" actually meant the same word as that used in the Eleven Supernovas. This group is the best rookie pirates in the story.

Luffy Will Run Out Of Food

The 14th issue of the Weekly Shonen Jump also elaborated the story of this arc. "One Piece" spoilers and updates indicate that Luffy and his team are continuing their rescue mission for Sanji. Luffy and his group will eat up all the food they brought with them and will search for replenishments.

They Will Infiltrate A Marine Base

Luckily, they will find a resupply Marine base and will try to infiltrate it. However, Luffy is accosted by three crew members of Aokiji who are apparently rookie marines or maybe pirates as well. Some "One Piece" spoilers and updates suggest that this arc will also feature the other characters that joined Luffy in his rescue mission.

New Characters Will Accompany Luffy In His Rescue Mission

These characters, according to some "One Piece" spoilers and updates include Sappa, an expert in a dual sword, Bonam, a Longarm Tribe member, Vice-Admiral Prodi, an old friend of Garp and Grant, who firmly believes in justice. The Weekly Shonen Jump 14th issue also featured a new visual for the upcoming filler arc.

These new graphics show Luffy wearing a marine coat and fighting the three rookie marines. Some "One Piece" spoilers and updates also suggest that the "Marine Rookie" filler arc will air on March 19, 2017. Watch the video below for more information about this new filler arc.

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