‘The Flash” Season 3 Spoilers, Updates: Savitar Spying On Team Flash, Makes Dire Prophecy And Accomplishes His Angry Return?

By Joseph St. James. , Mar 06, 2017 03:00 AM EST

Barry and his team were threatened by Gorilla Grodd and his minions in the previous episode. But in "The Flash" Season 3, Episode 15, they will again face the anger of Savitar. The title of the upcoming episode is "The Wrath of Savitar" and this evil god would somehow find a way to go back to earth 1.

Savitar Will Use The Kid Flash To Attack Team Flash

Episode 15 of "The Flash" Season 3 will return to its main storyline. This time, the "Speed God" will directly attack the team led by Barry. But the method of his attack will surprise Team Flash. Wally West who has taken the name "Kid Flash" will somehow be an unwilling accessory to this villain's underhanded attack.

Savitar Claims He Will Escape From His Hell

Barry has been suspecting that Savitar has been using Wally to spy on them. The Kid Flash somehow got his powers from Alchemy, the former mind-controlled minion of Savitar in "The Flash" Season 3. Thus, the evil Speed God will claim that he already has the thing he needs to escape from his hellhole - Wallace.

Wally Will Have Visions Of Savitar

It appears that Savitar will utilize psychological warfare in "The Flash" Season 3 Episode 15. Wally will start having visions of Savitar, just like what Alchemy experienced before when he was being used by this villain. This could result in The Kid Flash turning against Team Flash, albeit unwillingly.

The Future Barry Saw Is Coming To Reality

It seems that "The Flash" Season 3 Episode 15 will show Savitar emerging from a wormhole. This could mean that the future that Barry has seen when he trapped the Speed God is now coming to reality. Some spoilers indicate that Savitar will boast that one team member will betray Barry. He warned that the betrayer will experience a fate that is worse than death.

This Future Shows Iris Is Killed

If these things will happen, the bliss that Barry and Iris are enjoying in "The Flash" Season 3 will turn into a nightmare. Barry knows that in the future, Iris will be killed by Savitar. Will this future really come to pass? Fans can get a glimpse of the tensions in Episode 15 by watching the video below.

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