Facebook Messenger Is Finally Testing 'Dislike' Button

By Victor Thomson , Mar 06, 2017 03:30 AM EST

As per a tip from tech blogger Hoan Do, Facebook appears to be testing various Reactions within its popular Messenger app. Facebook Messenger is also testing a thumbs-down Dislike option.

Facebook Messenger's Dislike Button

According to Refinery29, it seems that Facebook has granted its users their request after they have been asking the company for a "dislike" option for years. The thumbs down icon can be found in the Facebook Messenger. If you hover over a message, you'll notice an emoji button including various emoji faces with options like the thumbs-down Dislike.

As it relates to a specific message, everyone in the chat will see the Reaction. In case that multiple people have a certain emoji, you will also see a full list of people who reacted. The Messenger Reactions are just in the testing phase, so only some users can see them. However, the feature could roll out to everyone if it proves popular.

Reactions Are Similar To iMessage And Slack Features

The way Reactions work is somehow similar to the feature in other apps like iMessage and Slack. The feature allows users to pick a reaction to a message after hovering over it. The reactions include both a thumbs up "Like" and a thumbs down "Dislike." However, Facebook said that, rather than a "like and dislike," the company sees them more like a "yes and no" reaction.

According to Digital Trends, in order to avoid too much negativity, previously Facebook has long resisted adding a Dislike button. However, it appears that now the social media network is ready to introduce this new set of Reactions. The Dislike button could serve as a real-time poll and make things a bit more efficient.

The Dislike button has been for long a highly requested feature. Finally, Facebook is making it easier for its social media network users to express their malcontent. Instead of going on a rant they can just hit the dislike button instead.

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