Nintendo Switch Can Still Be Improved, Critics Say

Players are overjoyed with Nintendo's latest console, Switch. However, others are saying that the newest console could still face major problems. There are certain features in the console that need to be improved and modified.

Unlike any consoles, Nintendo Switch must have a bundled package that comes with several video games. One of the most popular games for the console, 1-2-Switch, should have been sold together with it but Nintendo offered the game as a standalone title.

If Nintendo offered Swift owners with 1-2-Switch, then the console might sell more compared to their target. The players say that the game is very compatible with the console's function and technology. In addition, the game could be the reason why players will love Switch.

Next, Nintendo should have a wide array of video game choices installed in Nintendo Switch, according to Forbes. Critics noticed that the console does not have video games about sports. Although there are rumors that FIFA 17 and NBA 2K17 will soon be available on the console.

Furthermore, players are wishing to see some RPGs in Nintendo Switch like the recently released Horizon: Zero Dawn. Nintendo may have indie games that are worth a shot but players are still asking for exciting AAA games to be part of the console.

Lastly, Nintendo Switch has a limited memory capacity that needs to be improved. As per PCMag, the console has a 32GB internal storage. However, the platform's software already occupies almost one-fourth of the memory.

The limited storage is the reason why players are hesitating to download some games to their new console. If Nintendo is not planning to expand the memory of Switch, then that might be the cause of the downfall of the console.

Hopefully, Nintendo will listen to the critics saying that Switch can still be improved. Because if the developer will not do anything about the certain improvements in the console, then their goal to be back on track may not happen.

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