Fire Emblem Heroes Gets Its Fifth And Last Celebration Map, Nintendo Now Taking Action Against Cheaters

Fire Emblem Heroes is getting its fifth and last celebration maps that will reward players with a good amount of orbs. Meanwhile, it seems like Nintendo is preparing something for those who are abusing the mobile game's features.

Fire Emblem Heroes Launch Celebration Maps Ending Soon

The Fire Emblem mobile game has gotten a strong response from fans as the game became a success during its launch a few weeks back. Despite its lack of many features from the main game, the streamlined installment still managed to capture the essence of the series. Coupled with the fact that it contains many characters spanning from the entire franchise, the mobile title won over many traditional and new players.

During its launch, Nintendo announced that they will be including celebration maps to mark the game's launch. Now, Siliconera reports that the mobile Fire Emblem title has released the last bit of its Launch Celebration maps. Similar to previously released content, it comes with two difficulties and rewards players with three orbs each.

If players manage to beat both modes, they will be rewarded with a whopping six orbs. Fans should make the most out of this as the event will end in seven days and will no longer be returning to the game.

Nintendo Issues Warning To Cheaters

On a different note, Nintendo has been aware of some players abusing the system to their advantage, as per Nintendo Life. Because of this, they have released an official statement claiming that they are already working on countermeasures, which include limiting access to select features in the game. Furthermore, those who are affected will receive a message via the "To You" section in the game's notification.

Finally, the company reminded players to abide by the User Agreement and the Code of Conduct when playing the mobile game. With this in mind, it seems like players should avoid making any unnecessary actions in order to make the full use of the title. Fans can download Fire Emblem Heroes for free on Google Play and the iOS App Store.

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