Fire Emblem Heroes Adds These Six New Characters and Three Missions

Nintendo has released a new batch of units for players to collect in Fire Emblem Heroes. Moreover, they have also released also new paralogue maps.

Unlock These New Characters in Fire Emblem: Heroes

According to Game Rant, the Nintendo mobile game introduces a new pool called 'Sibling Bonds' which fits in the theme with the previously added 'Family Bonds.' The new 15MB patch adds a total of six new heroes from various different games. Just like previous characters, heroes can use orbs for a chance to recruit the characters to their army.

These characters include Sanaki from Radiant Dawn, Reinhardt and Olwen from Thracia 776, Lachesis and Eldigan from Genealogy of the Holy War and Klein from The Binding Blade. Fans of the said franchises should be pleased to see these fan favorite characters in the game. Moreover, Touch Arcade reports that these characters also bring in a new set of Paralogue chapters with three different difficulties.

These three chapters will give players a good number of orbs they can use to summon the new characters. If players manage to beat all of the maps, they will be rewarded with a total of nine orbs. Keep in mind that the launch log-in bonuses are still ongoing which provide players with even more currency.

Some New Features Coming Soon

This said update is part of Nintendo's promise to bring in fresh content twice a month. With this in mind, fans should expect even more things to come to the game soon. In line with this, Nintendo stated that they will introduce an ability wherein players can earn rewards if when their units defeat lower leveled characters.

Players who have massively leveled up their characters will find this very useful. As for the release date, the specific feature is said to arrive in the game sometime around March. For now, fans can try to unlock the new characters in Fire Emblem: Heroes.

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