Rarest Pokemon Causes Death Of A Pokemon GO Player

By Alvin Elfwine , Mar 07, 2017 02:19 AM EST

Games like Pokemon GO can be really fun, and there's no doubt it. It doesn't only allow players to enjoy, it also gives them the chance to experience the thrill of catching a creature in real time. But of course, as what most of the old folks would say, too much of everything can be fatal. And this is exactly what happened to a fan as of late. Less he knew that capturing one of the elusive Pokemon in the game is synonymous to the death of him.

As reported, a Pokemon GO player greatly suffered a heart attack soon after acquiring a quite rare creature of the game. 67 year old Liang Weiming was out on a regular day hunting at the Marina Bay Sands resort located in Singapore. Apparently, a Lapras came out of nowhere. He, as any player would do, tried to corner the pocket monster. Although he was able to capture it, the next thing that happened was unacceptable. Alas, it killed him due to, well, being overwhelmed.

Reports suggest that the guy has been a fan of Niantic's hit augmented reality game since time immemorial. Heck, he even reportedly managed to acquire a total of 200 beasts during his playing time. Following his death, his record was on level 28. And take note, the latter is something that isn't easy to attain or achieve in the game. So, in a sense, this player was indeed under some serious kind of gameplay.

Fox News further noted that the wife of the aforementioned Pokemon GO player understood the fate of her husband. That it was the feeling of excitement that brought him down. The player was said to have given medical attention at the Singapore General Hospital. Unfortunately, the doctors were unable to save him. He passed away shortly after being in the hospital. It's been said that this isn't his first heart attack encounter. He had some serious heart disease and/or cardiac issues long before this happened.

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