Mewtwo Finally Coming To Pokemon GO? Details Revealed

All Pokemon GO fans know that the real A-game has yet to arrive. Why? That's because the Legendaries are still not available in the game. A new set of creatures were just recently added, though. But hey, it seems Niantic is still far from pursuing such direction. However, Nintendo itself has already brought the titular Mewtwo to another Pokemon game installments. And if anything else, this could be an indication that the creature is likely to arrive to the hit augmented reality game.

According to Express, the current Pokemon GO event is about to end. It’s no other than the Pokemon Celebration event, which offers players the festive Pikachu. It first started back in Feb. 26 (at 1 PM PST). Apparently, it's going to end this week -- March 6 at 1 PM PST, that is. Until then, fans have the chance to capture the said special Pikachu, something that's been appearing all over the globe.

Niantic announced that the above-mentioned Pokemon GO creature will be kept forever, though it can only be acquired during the existence of the event. During the DICE Awards, one of the members of the development team iterated that fans should start saving their candies. Enthusiasts suggest that this could actually be a teaser for an upcoming Double XP event -- a pattern that has long existed since the emergence of event rewards.

It holds true that the studio has yet to confirm Mewtwo’s arrival to Pokemon GO. However, being one of the Legendary creatures, fans can expect its introduction in the weeks or months to come. After all, the company has already promised such thing to the community. Apparently though, as noted by the publication mentioned above, the aforesaid creature has arrived to Pokemon Sun and Moon – two of the latest Pokemon titles of today.

There’s indeed a slim chance that Mewtwo will arrive to Pokemon GO via an event. And perhaps, it’s already around the corner and Niantic’s just waiting for the perfect time to cut it loose. In related Pokemon GO news, UploadVR reports that the game has undergone a series of change in hopes to capture more players. For instance, the map has looked differently overtime. Its first version looked simple, mostly covered with white, but now, it's a bit greener, adding a vegetation-themed design.

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