Overwatch News: Players Enjoy Creating Boss Battles With Custom Browser

By Nicole Fairchild , Mar 08, 2017 02:37 AM EST

Finally, players can do whatever they want in Overwatch through the help of Custom Game Browser. A lot of players already experimented on what features they will add with their modified game. The popular game modification is the boss battle.

Better Boss Battles In Overwatch

Since the release of the custom game browser in the game, players started to create a world of their own. The creators have shared their new and improved boss battles with their co-players. They are quite fascinated how challenging the boss fights became, thanks to the browser.

The players have added no respawn feature that means they have to start all over again in the new boss battle in Overwatch. According to Segment Next, players created boss fights that Reindhart is fighting with Torbjons and Roadhog attacking multiple heroes.

There are endless possibilities with Overwatch's custom game browser. The goal for the custom game browser is to have a more challenging fight and more fun in boss battles. Other than that, since the games are shareable, more can participate in the custom games.

Rules In New And Improved Boss Battles In Overwatch

If the players wish to participate in the new type of boss battles in Overwatch, they must know that the rules are very different from the usual boss battle in the game. First, one team consists of a single player while the other one has multiple players, as per Mashable.

Next, the single player is the big boss in the fight. He has higher health, can create more damage and moves faster. However, sometimes, the modifier has included all three for a more challenging fight. Lastly, the opposing team has normal stats.

Hopefully, players will create more modified games in Overwatch. They can now improve not only their skills but also their developing abilities in order to bring more choices of games inside a game that they will truly enjoy.

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