Overwatch Tips And Tricks: Three Heroes That Newbies Can Use

Blizzard's one of the hottest games, Overwatch, is getting new players today. However, as a newcomer to the game, the players must know what to choose because they need to be comfortable. Fortunately, not all heroes in the game are complicated to be controlled.

For starters, players should choose Overwatch's Reindhart. The first reason why they have to choose him is he can be easily used in Quick Play, He is not that complicated to be controlled also. And since they are newbies, defending themselves will not be hard because of his shield.

Reindhart's defensive skills are as good as his offensive moves. His Fire Strike can penetrate even the barriers and walls. The players should know that his primary weapon, Rocket Hammer, does not have to be accurately pointed at his target.

Since Overwatch is mostly played by teams, if the newcomer wants to be helpful, then he should pick Lucio. He is the healer in the game that the team needs in times of danger. He can heal all his teammates even in a large scale.

Only Lucio has the ability to heal in big groups. His primary weapon, Sonic Amplifier, may seem simple at first but once the players got the hang of it, it can be as deadly as they want it to be, according to eSports Edition. His Speed Boost ability can be used to go to their teammates in no time and that is an advantage for them.

If the new players are quite fascinated with shooting anyone they see, then Ana is suitable for them. Her Biotic Rifle can both do the healing and the shooting whenever in a crucial situation. One of her weapons, Sleep Dart is very handy in stopping the enemies.

Ana's ultimate, Nano Boost, is not hard to master. It is good for the whole team because once she uses it towards her teammate, his teammate's attack will be increased and the attack on him will be decreased. Now, they are sure that their enemies will be defeated.

Unfortunately, newcomers in Overwatch can not choose Orisa yet. As per PVP Live, the newest mechanical hero has some bugs that Blizzard needs to deal with. However, if the players are ready for some action, there is no stopping them from using the 24th hero in the game.

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