Sony Xperia Projector Turns Any Surface Into Touchscreens, Start Of Hologram Revolution

By Jomar Teves , Mar 08, 2017 04:14 AM EST

The Mobile World Congress 2017 has been an event that saw announcements of many amazing gadgets. With this, none of the big-name tech giants has missed an opportunity to show off their best gadgets.

In the said event, Sony has officially unveiled a unique projector. The all-new Sony Xperia projector is a very remarkable device, capable of transforming any surface into a touchscreen.

What It Can Do

Whether it be a plain wall, a person's palms, or the surface of a table or floor, this projector can convert any surface into a convenient touchscreen. Despite Sony being known for their amazing Sony cameras and mobiles, this is truly something unique for the Japanese tech company.

Called as the Xperia Touch, The Sony Xperia projector will cost £1350. Because of this, many of the audiences present at MWC 2017 were constantly asking just how the gadget works.

How Does It work?

According to a report from TNI, the Xperia Touch uses infrared sensors and its own finger detection technology in detecting finger movements. It also detects finger pressure whenever a user presses it. It allows the user to use any surface like a table or wall in a similar way that they would do using a standard touchscreen mobile.

Amazing Features Of The Xperia Touch

It also enables its user to control the screen while they are waving their finger in the air. They can then tap to select items on the screen. The projector currently runs on Android, it can create a display of over 80 inches from one corner to another. Users can use the device for any form of presentations, watching movies and even Skype calls.

A New Piece Of Technology

According to The Marshall Town, architect Gregg Lynn believes that this technology is going to be a benchmark for potential upcoming touchscreen gadgets. The Sony Xperia Touch projector creates two-dimensional images, but it will free the users from any headsets, plus it will also project at either a vertical or a horizontal angle.

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