Zelda Breath Of The Wild Guide: Here's How To Find All Hidden Cuccos

Zelda: Breath of the Wild arguably has the biggest contents from any expansion of the franchise - containing massive side quests; each of which can be extremely hard or time-consuming. One of the popular side quests that exist across most expansions of the franchise is looking for the lost cuccos (the game's version of chickens). In Breath of the Wild, players will encounter this mission under the quest: Flown the Coop. Here's how to easily find the hidden cuccos and finish the quest:

The main objective of Flown the Coop is collecting all seven missing cuccos within Kakariko Village and returning them to the pen. Although this quest isn't quite comparable to some of the complicated quests in the game, it somehow outshines them when it comes to sheer frustration as these cuccos are well hidden. Here's how to initiate and complete the full quest:

First, get the quest by speaking to Cado in the Kakariko Village. He can be found in the chicken coop during the day. During the night, he can be found standing outside of Impa's house. Here's the location of all cuccos:

First and Second Cuccos - go to the village's entrance. From here, go down to the slope. The first cucco can be spotted standing on the small hay canopy, which is over the fence on the left. Pick up the cucco and return it to the pen. Go back to the same spot and the second cucco can be seen standing in a yard next to some green crops.

Third Cucco - the third cucco can easily be found standing near the garden where the swift carrots are grown.

Fourth Cucco - from the spot where the third cucco is found, go directly downhill. The chicken is found right in the middle of the fence (where there are small trees inside). Note that there's a woman that's guarding the fence which prevents Link from entering. Players can easily dodge this by approaching the fence at night time.

Fifth Cucco - players will find the next cucco on the fire pit right in the middle of the town (next to Impa's house).

Sixth Cucco - the last two are the farthest cuccos which had wandered the village. The sixth can be found up the hill, standing in the tall grass near the shrine, which overlooks the entire village.

Seventh Cucco - players will notice the last cucco as they go downhill using the paraglider (upon returning the sixth cucco). The cucco is standing on the roof of the clothing shop. Check out the video below for the entire process.

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