Zelda Breath Of The Wild Guide: How To Obtain Warm Clothes

Once again, the Zelda franchise has won a staggering success from the fans as the grand launching was met with universal acclaim. As players explore the new world, many have found out that without warm clothes, one cannot fully venture to the snow regions.

Currently, the game allows a couple of ways to keep Link warm throughout the journey: eating warm meals, carrying a torch and equipping warm clothes. Out of all the options above, the latter is the most convenient way to go. But the problem is that obtaining this equipment can be tricky.

Zelda Breath Of The Wild:  Unlocking Warm Clothes

One of the unique traits of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is that, the game doesn't hand everything down to the players; letting them freely explore the entire game. Now, for those that are already exploring on the snowy regions, they're already well aware of the importance of warm clothes. The problem is, this item is hidden beneath puzzles, which one should complete in order to unlock. Here's a guide on how to unlock Warm Clothes:

Visit The Mysterious Old Man

In the game's starting zone, there's a mysterious man that will help Link with the basics of the game. Head over to the man's house that can be found south of the Temple of Time in the Great plateau.

Read The Diary

Once inside the house, look for a diary. The diary contains a partial recipe for Seafood Fry and Spicy Meat. Help the old man to remember the missing piece of the recipe and he will give the player Warm Doublet. This equipment will enable Link to not take damage in cold areas. In order to complete the recipe, one needs to collect three ingredients.

Completing the Recipe

Spicy Peppers. Players will find this item in the southern region of the Great Plateau. Search around the Old Man's house or alongside the path of the River of the Dead.

Raw Meat. This item can be obtained from wild boars in the Forest of Spirits. The drop rate may vary and so players may need to eliminate a couple of these boars to get this item.

Hyrule Bass. This fish can be found in any body of water between the Great Plateau Tower and the Oman Au Shrine. Players can use bow and arrow or a bomb for more yields.


Once all of the given items were successfully obtained, simply go to Inventory and hold each of the three ingredients. Drop them into the pot and wait until the process is complete.

Talk To The Old Man

Now that the dish is complete, talk to the old man. A new dialogue will pop out and he'll be grateful for Link for the dish that he prepared. The old man will then reward Link with Warm Doublet; letting him be immune to damaging effects attributed to low temperatures.

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