Overwatch News: Custom Game Browser Leads To Over Farming XP

By Nicole Fairchild , Mar 09, 2017 12:54 AM EST

Just when things start to look awesome in Overwatch's  Custom Game Browser, certain players start to use it to cheat. They are starting to abuse the browser by acquiring XPs the easy way where they do not have to play any Quick Play or Arcade mode.

AFK Farming XP In Overwatch

It seems that Blizzard's newest feature in Overwatch, Game Browser, is being abused by their loyal players. Since the launch of it, players started to get creative and modified the game with how they want it to be. Now, other players start to join different servers where they can double their XPs without any hardwork.

According to PVP Live, whenever they participate in the farming server in the game, they will stay online and earn XPs. Not only that, players were able to acquire extra loots and level up easily in Overwatch. All they have to do is pick a hero and wait until Skirmish mode is finished.

In every 30 minutes, players will be able to acquire 7000 XPs. After that, the Skirmish mode will refresh and players will have to wait for another 30 minutes in order to get additional XPs again. It is very unfair for those players who participate in the normal mode in Overwatch.

What Will Blizzard Do To The Cheaters?

As per Segment Next, it seems that Blizzard will release another update for the game browser to avoid the cheating in Overwatch. The developer must punish the cheaters in order to make the gaming experience of the honest players worthwhile.

Blizzard should do what Ubisoft has done to the cheaters in For Honor. The developer must react soon because the game browser is for creative players who wish to modify some parts of Overwatch and not for the benefit of others who like to use shortcuts.

Hopefully, players who engage in AFK farming of XP and loots will soon stop because they are causing a lot of trouble not only to Blizzard but also for those players who are patiently playing Overwatch to level up. In case this behavior will continue, players might get banned in the game.

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