Poor Diet Leading Cause For Heart Disease And Stroke Deaths

A new study has shown that poor diet is the leading cause for heart disease and stroke deaths. In 2012 it has been found that a great number of cardiometabolic deaths are due to heart disease, stroke and complications from type 2 diabetes. These deaths are all tied together because of poor diet that people have.

There have been 702,308 deaths due to cardiometabolic diseases. Out of those, nearly half of it can be attributed to poor eating habits and diet. 318,656 of those were because of lack of nutrients in their diet. Most of those nutrients are said to be vital for healthy living. Conversely, an overconsumption of unhealthy foods affects health as well.

One of those that have been consumed in high quantities are foods that are high in sodium. There has been an excess in the consumption of processed food as well. Processed meat and beverages high in sugar are being consumed in high quantities.

While there has been an overconsumption of unhealthy food, Americans have not consumed enough of foods that are healthy, according to the National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute's site. These healthy foods include nuts, vegetables and whole grains. Seafood high with the nutritional omega-3 fatty acid have not been consumed in large amounts as well.

The death rates also vary depending on the group, as Science Daily reports. Men have suffered more fatalities than women. People with a lower education level have also suffered more greatly than those with higher education levels.

With the study, it has been noted that there is a need to set priorities and guidance with nutrition and health. Altering unhealthy eating habits can greatly improve health as well as prolong life expectancy. A diet that is healthy can reduce the risk of getting heart disease, stroke or cancer.

Poor eating habits have always been seen as one way of getting deadly diseases. Poor diet is the leading cause for heart disease and stroke deaths. A new way to lower LDL cholesterol has been discovered as well.

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