Ark: Survival Evolved Once Again Experiences Server Wipe On PS4

Lately, the entire Ark: Survival Evolved community was bugged by an infamous server outage. And of course, many were disappointed with developer Studio Wildcard. As a compensation, the company opted to introduce a special Evolution event. However, while players are still recovering from such great loss, another server wipe has hit the game. This time, though, it targeted the title's PlayStation 4 version.

According to IBTimes, the game's servers 225 all the way to 228 have experienced some sort of technical issues. And as a result, all progress was once again lost, affecting players who own Sony's system. This basically means that, contrary to earlier belief, all data on the servers has been lost in the process.

Studio Wildcard admitted in the official forum site of Ark: Survival Evolved that the machine has since been experiencing "critical hardware failure." This, in one way or another, has prevented them from accessing the box for a short period of time. Apparently, the issue surfaced when the developers went through the writing process for the backup. It even went to clobber the "main server files" as well as the ones they were writing that time. As frustrating as it sounds, there's no way for them to retrieve the lost data.

The big reveal was courtesy of Studio Wildcard's community manager named Jat. He describes this unfortunate event as a "one-in-a-million fluke." There's nothing they can do but to offer their sincerest apology. As of this writing, the damaged box will be kept offline for the remainder of the foreseeable future. Nonetheless, the company plans to bring it back, only with new saves and a later date.

Obviously, this is a dagger to the hearts of the Ark: Survival Evolved fans as well as the studio. After all, they were just recovering from the impact that the AWS Server outage did. The latter, as many suggest, is a network error on the part of the game's hardware and system. Many believe that it's time for the video game company to upgrade their facilities and anticipate whatever possible issues may occur.

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