iPhone 8 Might Feature 3-D Selfies And Augmented Reality

In the recent Apple news, the Cupertino-based tech company has been awarded a patent for advanced facial recognition technology, which has sparked rumors about features in the upcoming iPhone 8, as well as hinting at future areas such as augmented reality (AR) and driverless cars.

New Technology Coming From Apple

According to CNBC, a number of reports have also suggested a bolstered recognition technology. Top Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo said in a recent note that the iPhone 8 would feature a camera and infrared module that is able to detect faces that can even lead to 3D selfies which could then be used to replace, for instance, a certain character's face in a game.

Other Rumors About Apples' Plans

JPMorgan analyst Rod Hall recently published a report, claiming that the iPhone 8 might forget about having a fingerprint sensor and home button, and will go in favor of a 3D scanner which could carry out biometric facial scanning. This could be used to both unlock the phone as well as authenticate a particular user for the App Store.

About Apple's Recent Patent Filing

Apple's recent patent filing was intended for an enhanced "face detection" using depth information. The company has not yet mentioned the iPhone 8 in their document, but much of the technology outlined appears to imitate what the analysts have already said. The technology would work by means of scanning a scene through the phone's camera, with the software able to detect human faces.

How it Works

Apple has also outlined how its technology would be able to detect faces depending on where people were standing in a shot. For instance, if there were two people in the shot and one person is closer to the camera than another, it would still be able to accurately identify both faces without any problem.

The Impact Of Augmented Reality

According to The Next Web, Apple chief executive Tim Cook has talked up about augmented reality, which refers to digital images being overlaid on the real world. The impact of AR incorporated in Apple cameras would be huge, as it will enable 3D selfies in the future if Apple manages to pull it off.

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