How The 'Apple Watch 3' Battery Can Last Forever, Specs And Release Date Unveiled

The Apple Watch is a great piece of technology, but when it comes to its battery life it leaves a lot to be desired. Although the Apple Watch Series 2 has essentially doubled the gadget's battery power, letting you easily go through two full days on a single charge, people are still wanting more out of it, and it looks like the upcoming Apple Watch 3 could potentially be the answer to everyone's call.

Apple Watch 3's Amazing Feature

According to DailyStar, new Apple patents have emerged, with the upcoming Apple Watch 3's battery possibly never running out of charge. While this might sound bogus or something like futuristic witchcraft, the technology behind it is actually a whole lot more simple and old-fashioned than anyone might expect.

How to Use This Feature

Detailing a new "connector-free magnetic charger," the patent, published by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, has given details about a system that would allow users to turn the watch's Digital Crown in order to generate the much-needed battery charge.

The new system could utilize a rotational magnetic field in order to move a compact electric generator to produce power that can then be used to boost the watch's internal battery. Apple could also alternatively kick things towards truly old school, using the Digital Crown to wind a coil to be able to transfer energy to a set of gears.

The Benefit Of This Feature

With the Apple Watch using its current rotatable Digital Crown as a means of navigating on the onboard menus, it is unclear whether how much you would need in order to rotate the dial to generate a decent amount of charge for continued use. While producing a full charge would likely need some heavy twisting, the ability to simply produce enough power in order to get you back home without running out of battery life would surely go down well with a lot of people.

According to TheNational, with the twist-to-generate power generating technology visibiliy for years, this would definitely mark the first time it has crossed over into the realms of smart watches. The Apple Watch 3 will be launched on September 2017 alongside the iPhone 8.

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