Nintendo Teases Super Smash Bros. For Switch; To Release Later This Year?

By Alessia Amherst , Mar 10, 2017 01:43 AM EST

Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-Aime has strongly hinted that they will be releasing a Super Smash Bros. for the Switch. Furthermore, the game might actually be arriving much sooner than expected.

Nintendo Of America President Weighs In On Super Smash Bros. For Switch

According to GameSpot, Fils-Amie claimed that the Smash series is one of their best-selling franchises. In line with this, he mentioned that Nintendo has a philosophy of releasing their classic franchises on every new platform at least once. For the Switch, he claimed that fans currently have a great Zelda experience with Mario on the way.

Because of this, Fils-Amie stated that fans can anticipate that Nintendo will more or less address all their franchises at some point in the future. Since the president had addressed the Smash franchise, it would only seem fitting that the Switch will be getting its own installment. Incidentally, PVP Live reports that Nintendo might actually be releasing a new Amiibo that will fall in line with the three previously announce characters: Cloud, Corrin and Bayonetta.

New Amiibo Hints Another DLC Character?

While it is still unsure if Nintendo will even be releasing a new amiibo, it seems like this might potentially be a new downloadable content (DLC) character for the game. If the company releases the three said figurines in the coming months, they might be holding back the mysterious fourth amiibo for a possible Switch port of the game.

Judging by Nintendo's current game line-up, this possible port might make its way to the Switch on the game's three-year anniversary, which is either October or November. Then again, if Nintendo plans on spacing out their releases, the game would reach the market by 2018. However, keep in mind that this is all still speculation and Nintendo has yet to actually confirm anything.

A Super Smash Bros. for the Switch would prove to be a great hit and would even possibly help boost Nintendo in the eSports scene. Until Nintendo releases any further information about a potential port or new game, fans can play the latest installment on the 3DS and Wii U.

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