Here's Why Nintendo Switch Game Boxes Are So Big

There seems to be a good reason why the Nintendo Switch game boxes are quite large despite housing only a small cartridge. Meanwhile, will Nintendo hold another direct before the console's official release?

As the video game industry progresses, games are usually stored in disks and even tiny cartridges. In line with this, the boxes hiding the Switch games can be considered quite large as it does not even make use of all the space inside. However, Squish Turtle reports that there are some very simple reasons to why Nintendo opted to keep this kind of style.

Nintendo Switch Game Boxes Need to Look Attractive

To begin with, people are more inclined something with presentable packaging and supposedly two-thirds of consumers buy something they are not aware of based on appearance alone. Having bigger boxes allow developers to use more images or pictures of the game for the cover. Having more appealing game boxes makes it easier for the consumer to identify and pick a certain game.

Size and Shape Actually Matter

Next, the case shape actually has some sort of effect on consumers that make them want to buy the product. A technical study in 2013 revealed that customers only have a short attention span when it comes to shopping. The more time a person looks at a product means that they are more inclined to buy it.

When it comes to packaging, there are two different ways an item can catch a customer's attention. Firstly, the 'Top-Down' process revolves around people picking up cues like brand color, text, pictures and brand letters to find a certain item. On the other hand, the 'Bottom-Up' method has the brain searching for different shapes, sizes and contrast when shuffling between products.

Nintendo is trying to use the latter technique as the PS4 and Xbox shares the same box size and shape. On the other hand, the game boxes for the Switch are more rectangular which will ultimately grab the customer's attention because of its deviancy. With this in mind, consumers are bound to usually stick with the 'Bottom-Up' method before switching to 'Top-Down.'

Upcoming Nintendo Direct Before Launch?

That aside, Nintendo has yet to reveal the other finer details of their upcoming hybrid console. With only a few days away, there might still be a chance for the company to hold a direct before its official launch, as per Attack of the Fanboy. There, they could go into more detail about the future online features, the eShop and some potential new games.

For now, fans will have to wait for further news regarding any possible direct. The hybrid console will launch next month along with the unique Nintendo Switch game boxes. Fans will be able to finally pick up their own copy on Mar. 3.

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