'Tokyo Ghoul' Season 3 Still Not Confirmed; 'One Punch Man' And 'My Hero Academia' Cause Delay

"Tokyo Ghoul" has already been on a long hiatus, yet again, its third installment is reportedly delayed. In line with this unfortunate news, the new season is still unconfirmed. Fans cannot get updates since its creators are not disclosing any information about the popular anime. There are rumors, though, that the series will still continue, but the priority is given to "One Punch Man" and "My Hero Academia"

Fans of "Tokyo Ghoul" are still waiting for more solid updates about the acclaimed anime. The full season was last aired in 2015. Since the said date, fans have been waiting for the official announcement of season 3. Previous reports seemed to mislead the fans by saying that "Tokyo Ghoul" season 3 will soon return on TV, when in reality, the date is still not confirmed.

Droid Report shared that the imminent third season of "Tokyo Ghoul" is now in the works, but other reports claim otherwise. Fans expressed their dismay over the lack of reliable updates, but its studio network did not deny any future projects, which might balance the reactions of the fans.

The controversy started with Viz Media's director, Kevin Hamric, might have teased a third installment of "Tokyo Ghoul" by saying, "Nothing that's been recently released, but One-Punch Man is coming back on with season two. There's going to be another season of Tokyo Ghoul coming shortly. Later in the year, those would be the bigger releases on the anime side." Speculations say that fans got excited and misinterpreted Hamric, when he is, in fact, announcing "My Hero Academia's" new season and not "Tokyo Ghoul's."

However, there are more reports claiming that the hit anime's season 3 is already being planned, and fans should not worry and they just have to wait for the announcements. Aside from the reason of "One Punch Man" being prioritized, a fan site of the show shared that the lack of materials is also adding to the cause of the delay of the popular anime. While the premiere of "Tokyo Ghoul" season 3 has fallen behind its supposed schedule, fans will still get to see Ken Kaneki, as the anime's live-action-movie-adaptation is still in full-swing, and is rumored to be released in summer of 2017.

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