'Tokyo Ghoul' Live-Action Movie Confirmed For Summer 2017; Teases Ken Kaneki In Ghoul Mask

"Tokyo Ghoul" live-action movie has been confirmed for a Summer 2017 release. The production also released its first visual on Tuesday, Dec. 13 featuring Ken Kaneki with his one-eyed ghoul mask. A two-minute footage of the movie will be released at the Jump Festa 2016 on Dec. 17-18.

The project was announced on the seventh volume of "Tokyo Ghoul: Re" manga released on Dec. 6. Kentarō Hagiwara is directing the film while designer and "Tokyo Ghoul" fan, Masanori Morikawa, is in charge of designing Ken's mask featured in the visual, as well as other costumes for the live-action movie.


Masataka Kubota who was known for his role in the live action adaptations of "Death Note" and "Mars" will play the protagonist, Ken Kaneki. Fumika Shimizu (live-action "My Neighbor Seki," "Kamen Rider Fourze," "Mare") will play Tōka Kirishima. Other cast members include Yuu Aoi as Rize Kamishiro, EXILE's Nobuyuki Suzuki as Kōtarō Amon, and Yo Oizumi as Kureo Mado.

Set in a world where ghouls live alongside humans, "Tokyo Ghoul" features Ken Kaneki as a shy college student who was transformed into a half ghoul after a surgery. Ghouls from "Anteiku" coffee shop took him in to learn the ways of the ghouls and conceal himself from humans. However, Ken was inevitably dragged into the dark and violent world of ghouls. The story follows his struggles at being a non-human and his conflicts with stronger and much more bloodthirsty ghouls.

Sui Ishida's original "Tokyo Ghoul" manga ran from 2011-2014 in Shueisha's Weekly Young Jump. A sequel set two years after the end of the first manga titled "Tokyo Ghoul: Re" began in October 2014 while a prequel spin-off set 10 years before the events in "Tokyo Ghoul" was released in 2013.

The manga was adapted into anime series; a 12-episode series aired on 2014 while a second season "Tokyo Ghoul √A" premiered in January 2015. "Tokyo Ghoul" season 3 is yet to be announced.


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