Pokemon GO Guide: Here's How To Find The Steel Coat To Evolve Certain Pokemon

The Gen 2 Pokemon GO update introduced the feature of evolutionary items that can be used to evolve certain monsters. One item, the Metal Coat, lets players evolve Pokemon like Scyther into their steel counterpart.

Metal Coat Location In Pokemon GO

In order to get the monsters Steelix and Scizor, fans will have to obtain their pre-evolutions first. Following this, they will need to obtain the item called the Metal Coat, which can be found at any PokeStop, as per VG247. Those who are actively hunting for the said item might have better luck looking in urban areas.

Keep in mind that the PokeStop Daily Bonus steak occurs every seventh day, which gives players one of the five Special Items that can be used for evolution. Among these items is the Metal Coat so it is worth keeping the Daily Bonus schedule in mind. Once fans manage to get their hands on the item, they can finally proceed to the evolution process.

How To Evolve Pokemon Using The Item

Back in the main game, the process for evolving a Scyther and Onix was quite arduous as players would not only need a Metal Coat but also a friend to trade with. Luckily, the mobile Pokemon game drops this process for something more simpler that involves candy, as per Eurogamer. In line with this, all players need is 50 Scyther Candy along with the evolution item to get a Scizor.

Evolving Onix, on the other hand, is basically the same process. This time, players just need a total of 50 Onix Candy and the Metal Coat to activate the evolution and get a Steelix. Keep in mind that the items will disappear once used, so make sure to carefully choose the correct monster to evolve.

Aside from evolutionary items, the latest patch also brought in some new Pokemon, the Berry system and some extra customization items. Fans can download Pokemon GO for free on Google Play or the iOS App Store.

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