These Gen 2 Pokemon Can't Be Hatched From Pokemon GO Eggs

Pokemon GO players went undoubtedly happy as soon as the highly anticipated Gen 2 creatures were released. It even brought the game back to its feet, acquiring vast sales and reaching the top of the ladder. Apparently, though, there were recent discoveries that led to some fans' disappointment. One of these is the fact that some Pokemon can't simply be hatched from eggs.

According to Forbes, the arrival of the second-generation pocket monsters should have been a historical event for the community. After all, it signals a significant milestone in the hit augmented reality game's history. Unfortunately, as what the publication suggests, it's somewhat fruitless. That's because there is a total of 16 creatures that can't be acquired from hatching eggs.

For instance, Smeargle is deemed as a Ditto-like Pokemon GO species of the Gen 2. However, it can't be captured or hatched in the game. Why? That's because Niantic didn't necessarily add it to the game. Many believe that this is due to the fact that the creature's fighting style is way too mechanical. This alone makes it a complicated addition to the title.

This also covers the release of the Mythic and/or Legendary Pokemon. Sure, they can be seen in the game's Pokedex; however, they can't be acquired or something because the studio has yet to figure out a way to unleash them. Or perhaps, the developers have no concrete knowledge on what meta these beasts should bring to the game.

Simply put, what the studio promised of an addition of 85 to 100 new Pokemon GO monsters is false. Heck, players are mostly seeing the same creatures that have been originally introduced. Or if there are (which should be), players can barely capture them. Overall, the arrival of Gen 2 doesn't seem to be a significant expansion.

In related Pokemon GO news, a good number of fans are reportedly happy, as Niantic continues to address complaints. JapanToday reports that the studio has done a remarkable job in suppressing issues and whatnots. And although the game is plagued with the same amount of players as before, it still reaps the benefits of being a popular app.

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