Niantic Finally Admits Lapses In Pokemon GO Gym System

There's no doubt that Pokemon GO is a very unique game. After all, it went to prove just how successful an augmented reality title is. Well, that's if the technology really works accordingly. Somehow, this has been the story of Niantic's hit mobile game app since day one. However, the studio can't deny the fact that it has significant issues that have yet to be fixed. This is most especially with the case of the gym system.

According to Polygon, the aforementioned feature in Pokemon GO is among the several ones in the game that needs immediate improvement. While this has been the clamor of many players, the company didn't really bother to resolve it. Heck, they haven't even had the decision to give it a little tweak or something.

In an interview with the publication, though, Niantic's very own Tatsuo Nomura (senior product manager) suggests that the gym system "needs a lot more work." He even iterates that their team is working hand in hand to improve it while making "a bigger change" to how this system will specifically work. Nomura revealed the studio's plans during the recently concluded Game Developers (GDC) 2017.

Apparently though, the Pokemon GO developers can't just make these changes right then and there. That's because they're going to be needing "a little bit more time" (again) to determine how these changes will be applied. Well, the studio should have an answer to this already. After all, the game has been out for nearly a year. The devs sure have enough time and space to go back to the drawing board and resolve this predicament.

The studio's CEO John Hanke, on the other hand, offers his own two cents as well regarding the gym system of Pokemon GO in an interview with Wired's German outlet. He admits how limited the gameplay is, suggesting that it didn't work the way they wanted it to be. He promises, though, that they'll be revising every tiny detail of it. That way, teamwork will be the theme and that more people will participate in the game. Although he didn't give out a specific date, Hanke mentions about a reworked gym process being applied to the game sometime this year.

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