‘America's Got Talent’ Updates: Tyra Banks Replaces Nick Cannon

After a month-long search for the new host of “America’s Got Talent”, NBC just recently announced the new host of the popular talent show, Tyra Banks.

Tyra Banks In; Nick Cannon Out

The former supermodel is not new when it comes to hosting. Although there are issues surrounding Tyra Banks saying she is no pushover. Tyra Banks is a pioneer of “America’s Top Model”, where she also acts as a judge, host, and creator of the show. Banks also had her own show, but it ended after a five-year duration. Throughout the years, the showbiz world tagged Tyra Banks as one of the most influential TV hosts in the history. The celebrity businesswoman is also known to be a perfectionist and a straightforward host.

On the other hand, for those who does not have any idea with what happened to Nick Cannon, he was doing a routine on his show when he dropped a controversial joke about NBC. The crowd took it as one of Nick Cannon’s comedic punchline, but NBC and its management do think that way. Cannon posted a lengthy response on his social media account and the comedian reiterate how the system is twisting the truth. Cannon also stated that NBC Official wants to suspend him immediately but Cannon already made a decision to quit.

Tyra Banks Era Has Started

Nick Cannon leaving “America’s Got Talent” will surely have an impact on the show. Most of the fans tried to convince Cannon to reconsider his decision, but the former host had enough of NBC. Tyra Banks may not provide the same charisma that Nick Cannon has, but she will definitely provide a new dimension in “America’s Got Talent”. There were speculations that Nick Cannon is mad at Tyra Banks for signing up with NBC, but knowing these two, it is probably more of a hoax news.

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