Nokia 3310 Month-Long Battery Life Feature Might Come To Future iPhones

By Edge Ison , Mar 13, 2017 07:25 AM EDT

The new Nokia 3310 caught everyone's fancy at the 2017 Mobile World Congress. Aside from its nostalgic appeal, the Nokia 3310 impressed with its battery life which supposedly lasts for 30 days. Now a group of researchers is close to developing a battery that could last as long as the Nokia 3310's battery and it could soon be incorporated in upcoming iPhones.

When the modern take on the iconic Nokia 3310 was unveiled last February, one of the features that caught everyone's attention was its impressive battery life. The phone could supposedly last for 30 days before requiring a recharge.

The next long-lasting battery is being developed by John B. Goodenough and his team of researchers. The 98-year old mechanical engineering professor from the University of Texas at Austin is credited for developing the lithium-ion battery which is the current go-to battery of numerous devices. Goodenough heads a team that is looking at the possibility of using all-solid-state battery cells instead of the lithium ion ones. Current batteries transport charged ions between the positive and negative anodes using liquid electrolytes. As seen on the Samsung Galaxy Note 7, this process has its risks.

According to Express, the researchers are utilizing glass electrolytes instead of liquid ones to prevent explosions. Dendrites that form from fast charging may cross the liquid electrolytes which may result to a short circuit and possibly explosions. The glass electrolytes allows the use of alkali-metal anode without the risk of dendrites forming.

ThaiTech suggests the new battery may be used in future iPhones although it is unlikely that it will be perfected in time for the upcoming iPhone 8. Previous rumors indicated that the iPhone 8 will sport a 2700mAh L-shaped 2-cell battery. The larger battery will fit inside the iPhone 8 despite its small frame. According to rumors, the iPhone 8 will measure about 4.7 inches which is similar to the iPhone 7. The current Apple flagship smartphone utilizes a 1960mAh battery.

Goodenough's battery, should it prove to be at least as successful as the one in the Nokia 3310, is also being considered for powering electric vehicles. The researchers are designing the new battery to withstand extreme temperatures particularly the cold. A battery that could last even in sub-zero temperature will be detrimental in the case of life and death situations.

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