PlayStation 4 Game Streaming Now Available In Windows 10 PC

Sony has recently made a big announcement regarding the changes it is incorporating in its PlayStation Now game streaming service. Reports point out that the streaming game catalog is now expanded.

PlayStation Now Gets Expanded

This is done in order to cater to PlayStation 4 games without having to sacrifice or change the fixed price of $19.99 monthly subscription. What this means is that the streaming service will not be accessible in both the PlayStation 4 console and other Windows PCs.

And though streaming PlayStation 3 games in the PS4 and PCs is possible, the new changes will enhance this feature and will open more possibilities. This is because more game titles will be added to its library.

According to Hot Hardware, there is still no official announcement regarding the PlayStation 4 games that will be added to PlayStation Now. Reports also point out that the most recent game releases are not expected to arrive in the PlayStation Now.

Strategic Decision

The news regarding the expansion of PlayStation Now in supporting PS4 games was confirmed right after Sony announced that it will be stopping the service's support on the PS Vita, PlayStation TV, PS3 and Sony Bravia TVs. According to Polygon, the company decides to shift their focus to the two platforms: the PlayStation 4 and Windows PC.

The decision made has been made to improve the user experience in the two widely-used devices. Sony executives say that the move was a strategic one as it will help in increasing the exposure and popularity of the PlayStation Now game streaming service.

The recent announcement of Sony also followed right after Microsoft confirms the Xbox Game Pass service will be launched for the Xbox One and Xbox One S. Microsoft says that its new Xbox Game Pass will enable gamers to have access to more than 100 games. The subscription price is only $9.99 monthly.

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