Tesla Model X: Everything You Need To Know

As it is currently known to be the only one in production, experts believe that Tesla's Model X has got something of a monopoly over the all-electric SUV market. Regarded as the first-ever SUV constructed by the renowned electric car manufacturer Tesla, the Model X is said to have successfully combined all of the attractive aspects of premium SUV ownership. From having seven seats, a commanding driving position and a luxurious cabin with low running costs, zero tail-pipe emissions and scintillating performance, car enthusiasts say that Tesla's Model X completely re-writes the rule book for SUVs which allegedly transforms it into a sleek, luxurious object of automotive desire.

What Is The Tesla Model X?

According to reports revealed by Aol, when the CEO and founder of Tesla, Elon Musk had first started the company, an electric SUV was not part of the so-called "master plan" but was rather born out of a desire to cash in on what was a booming market segment. One of its notable features, the eye-catching 'Falcon' doors , which is said to be incredibly handy, that is most likely to give its users the convenience of never being tired of the immediate power delivery afforded by the electric motors. That said, instead of a traditional combustion engine, the Model X allegedly relies upon electric motors on each axle for propulsion where its engines are then being powered by a massive battery pack.

Furthermore, as per Stuff, Tesla's Model X is also believed to be fast enough to overpower some supercars at traffic lights once you add the Ludicrous mode upgrade and somehow, enthusiasts have claimed that Model X can actually manage to make gull-wing doors practical. Thus, for a company that's been rolling cars off the production line for barely more than a decade, the company's executives can say that this is an incredible achievement for them. However, cold weather is seen to create an adverse effect on battery range, as they aren't as efficient when the mercury falls.

The Model X Experience

Meanwhile, it was found that driving the Model X for the first time might be a little unsettling for some people as one of the first things you'll be able to notice when you get behind Model X's wheel is the addictive nature of its acceleration. In addition to its overwhelming features, a clever regenerative braking system is also present to help in recharging the batteries by storing energy whenever your foot is lifted of the accelerators.Ultimately, provided that Model X will have charging infrastructure in place and a 'money no object' approach to buying one, vehicle experts say that there will be some who will be let down by the Model X.


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