Snoop Dogg's 'BADBADNOTGOOD' Video Makes A Parody Of Donald Trump; Shoots The Clown President With A Fake Gun

Prior to Donald Trump getting elected as The President of United States Of America, the business tycoon has been a target of comedy skits and parodies. In line with this, Rap Legend Snoop Dogg just released a new music video about President Trump.

Music Video Might Kill Snoop Dogg’s Career

The new music video of Snoop Dogg started off with a clown, played by Michael Rappaport, waking up and going through his daily routines. The clown in the video seems to be dealing with a lot of issues. Contradicting the usual impression to clowns, which is always happy and energetic, the clown in the story is in tears. The music video was able to show the main problems that surround America.

Snoop Dogg Just Pulled The Trigger Against The Clown President

Alcohol, drugs, violence and racism are depicted in the music video, which gets a lot of heat. Snoop Dogg is a rap legend and an OG from 5150. With that said, fans are not shocked with what the rapper just said in his video. However, Snoop Dogg is crossing the line sometimes. Rumors suggest that the song “BADBADNOTGOOD” does not really sound like it's going to stop violence, but somehow promote it.

There are numerous A-listers who actually called out Snoop Dogg already, as he showed a dark side of his calm personality. Other fans are calling Snoop racist, irrelevant, and a wash-up artist. Making the matters worst in the video, Snoop Dogg confronted the clown President, which is a direct diss to President Donald Trump. The rapper pointed a fake gun towards The Clown President and shot him.

During Snoop Dogg’s latest interview, the Rap Legend stated why the music video was made and why now. According to Snoop, this is the perfect time to show what is currently going on in the United States. The rapper continued to explain the concept of the song using expletive words.

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