Stat Quo Confirms Eminem's New Album; Rap God's Partnership With Carhartt Kicks Off

Another update has provided about the much-anticipated album of The Rap God, Eminem. Stat Quo who is very close to Eminem stated that the release of the new album will be a surprise and fans should be ready for it.

Stat Quo And The Rap God

Stanley Benton, also known as Stat Quo, might have the most vital information in getting the release date of Eminem’s new album. During the interview, Stat Quo mentioned that D12 member, Kon Artist (Denaun Porter) stated that they are currently in the lab doing some tracks for Eminem's new album. For those who are not familiar, Stat Quo was once a member of Shady Records. Eminem and Dr. Dre had a plan for Stat Quo’s career but it did not last long.

Hiphop DX interviewed Stat Quo two weeks ago in DXLive. The ATL-based rapper mentioned that it was his fault why the album didn’t go out as planned. Apparently, Stat Quo and Eminem were collaborating on a new song when Eminem pitched in a new idea on how to make it better. Stat Quo did not agree with Eminem. He also wants The Rap God to pay him millions of dollars to be on the chorus. That incident was the turning point of their partnership and both went on separate ways.

Eminem Collaborates With Carhartt

Eminem is not only busy making the new album. The Rap God is also exploring other business and one of them is with Carhartt. Probably one of the oldest clothing company in the world taps Eminem as their new partner. Carhartt is also based in Dearborn Michigan, which is near to Detroit where Eminem resides. There are countless of designs that are already made and there is also a plan to release them early this year.

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