‘Gilmore Girls' Revival Update: Netflix's Chief Content Officer Have Spoken

Considered as one of the greatest TV Series of all time, "Gilmore Girls" made its much anticipated comeback last year, and the fans were delighted by it. “Gilmore Girls” is a cultural icon and although “A Year In Life” is already finished, there is a big possibility that it will be followed up with a sequel.

Netflix Chief Content Officer Made An Intriguing Comment

When Netflix announced the revival of “Gilmore Girls”, their social media page erupted. It was roughly 9 years ago when the fans saw the last of “Gilmore Girls”, so when fans learned about it, they were thrilled. Alexis Bledel said that creating every episode in “Gilmore Girls” is actually easy due to the support that they have for each other.

During a lengthy interview, Netflix Chief Content Officer, Ted Sarandos, exclaimed how grateful they are when “Gilmore Girls” agreed with their revival. Also, Sarandos added that multiple episodes are now being shown to provide fans more info on what had happened with Rory.

‘A Year In Life’ Recap

For those who forgot or doesn’t have any idea on what happened during the “Gilmore Girls” revival, here’s a quick recap. Rory pursued her dream to become a journalist. The only problem is, Rory is struggling at it. There were numerous times when Rory thought of giving up, but Lorelai was always there to back her up. On the other hand, Lorelai and Emily had an encounter which led them to go for a joint therapy.

The Story Continues

Luke finally tied the knot with Lorelai but Rory was not excited about it. Apparently, Rory is pregnant bu the journalist does not know who the father is. If Netflix decides to renew their contract, the first segment would probably focus on the identify of the father of Rory's baby.

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