MacBook Air 2017 Latest News: Upgrade May Come In April

By Edge Ison , Mar 15, 2017 04:23 AM EDT

The MacBook Air 2017 will be coming in April according to the latest buzz. The rumor started after Best Buy offered huge discounts for the 2016 MacBook Air last February. The online retailer lowered the prices of last year's MacBook Air models by $100 triggering talk that a 2017 version of the Air is on the horizon.

The 13.3-inch MacBook Air with 8GB of RAM and 128GB flash storage is now only $899.99 while the variant with 256GB flash storage is now available for $1,099.99. Best Buy also took off $100 from the 11.6-inch MacBook Air but has since been sold out. As Macworld noted, price cuts such as these often come before a new model is introduced. This is one-way retailers can get rid and still profit from the old models.

Science Times also noted that news of an upcoming Apple event coupled with Best Buy's sale further fuelled speculations that the MacBook Air 2017 is indeed in the offing. Apple will hold an event at the Steve Jobs Theatre this April. Apple Park (Apple Campus 2) will finally be opened this April and reports say that the new iPads will be introduced in the 1,000-seat theater on April 4.

Despite these new speculations of a MacBook Air 2017, the possibility of Apple ceasing the MacBook Air line completely is strong. The last time the MacBook Air was updated was in April 2016 when Apple added the previously optional 8GB RAM upgrade to the standard 13-inch Air. The 11-inch model, meanwhile, was left untouched leaving fans disappointed with the upgrade. When Apple later failed to introduce a new MacBook Air along with its new line-up of MacBook Pro laptops in October last year, rumors of the Air being killed off started.

It must be noted that the new MacBook Air 2017 is a mere guesswork for now unless Apple releases an official statement confirming its existence. Fans are advised to be a little more vigilant especially with regards to supposed leaks by retailers. Best Buy once listed the iMac 2017 with the Kaby Lake CPU in October last year but until now, the new iMac is nowhere in sight.

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