2017 iMac Has A Trick Up Its Sleeve

It's been quiet in the iMac front for quite some time now but that doesn't mean Aple is fully dropping the line. In fact, it may have something up its sleeve if Apple does release a new iMac.

The next iMac will have the latest processor in town. The benchmark tests of the Intel Core i7 Kaby Lake 7700 have been leaked and the results are exciting. This follows the recent surfacing of the i3 7350K Benchmark results. Chances are high that the next iMac will have the latest processor under its hood.

Apple has been busy lately with a number of new releases particularly the new MacBook Pro laptops. Rumors have also been abundant regarding next year's iPhone 8. The iMac, however, has been relegated to the background.

Add to that Microsoft's attempt to take over the desktop industry with its Surface Studio. So far, the Surface Studio has garnered more attention than any other desktop brand or model. That's something to be expected considering the Studio basically took what's great about the iMac and added its own technologies.

Both the iMac and Surface Studio are stylish, thin and packs power. The latter, however, is more appealing right now thanks to the ability of its 28-inch screen to be folded down to make it easier for artists to draw on it. Plus, the Surface makes use of touch input, a stylus and the Dial.

The last time the iMac received an update was back in Oct. 2015 when Apple gave the larger iMacs the new Skylake processor chips. At the same time, the smaller models got Retina-class screen resolution. The existing iMac has a 27-inch 5K displa with 5,120 x 2,880 pixel resolution.

According to Mac World, Apple may release its new iMac sometime in 2017 though there is still a slim chance that a new iMac will come before the year ends. This comes after Best Buy accidentally listed an iMac with the Kaby Lake processor for sale last October. The post has since been deleted.

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