‘The Flash’ Season 3 Spoilers: Barry Faces A More Aggressive Speed Force; Savitar’s Identity Revealed?

The latest "The Flash" Season 3 spoilers reveal that Barry will enter the Speed Force again. However, this time, he will face more difficulties than before. It seems the upcoming episodes will also show who the real Savitar is. Fans can rely on these leaks since they are provided by 'The Flash', Barry Gustin, himself.

Barry Will Face An Uncooperative Speed Force

Gustin, in a recent interview with Entertainment Weekly, said that fans should expect 'The Flash' to encounter difficulties when he goes back into the Speed Force. It seems that the force is more aggressive towards Barry, since he made some major blunders during his first time.

The Big Savitar Reveal Will Shock Everybody

There are other spoilers that relate to the unmasking of Savitar. Danielle Panabaker, who plays Caitlin, teases that several characters in the show will slowly learn the identity of Savitar. Gustin hinted that Savitar's identity reveal will not be the same as Reverse-Flash and Zoom's unmasking. He said that when the big reveal comes, it will make the viewers to say "Oh, My God!"

Andrew Kreisberg also has his share of "The Flash" Season 3 spoilers. He revealed that Barry may not be there just to rescue Wally. His initial intent is to save Wally to rescue Iris. However, he will realize that it might just be Wally that he really needs to protect after all.

Barry Will Put Everything In Jeopardy

This realization, according to Kreisberg's "The Flash" Season 3 spoilers, will lead Barry to risk everything. However, there is a rule followed by this entity that it must always have a prisoner inside. The question is: who will be the next prisoner if Barry breaks out Wally? The only person there, aside from Wally, is him.

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