Google Pixel 2 And Pixel XL 2 Named 'Muskie' And 'Walleye', Latest Updates On Specs Unveiled

By Jomar Teves , Mar 15, 2017 05:46 AM EDT

Reports have been circulating that the latest updates regarding the Google Pixel 2 and Google Pixel XL 2 have been spilled and are now exposed to the public. New reports have confirmed them to be the names of the two devices, specifically, codenames along the lines of previous releases that have gone and brought a lot of tech junkies into a lot of excitement.

Google Pixel Codenames Revealed

This latest information on the two phones suggested that codenames "Muskie" and "Walleye" have been chosen as the new names for the next Pixel smartphones. According to Slash Gear, since these names don't generally give people any relevant information, many reports didn't focus too much on what they actually mean.

The only relevant thing that should be known is that the larger of the two is likely going to be the Muskie, while the Walleye is very likely the smaller version of the two. These names were disclosed and provided by unknown who were speaking with Android Police, and given the context and the history of Google giving such names, there's really no real big reason to doubt it.

Testing appearances of these devices might be strangely be plotted as the first set of Pixel phones. Both phones use the same processor and all other internal gear, yet only one appeared in test bins for Android.

Sneak Peeks And Reveals About The Two Phones

According to Android Central, a peak of the specs from the upcoming Google phones have been provided online in its official launch website. These specifications have shown the Pixel and Pixel XL as the next upcoming smartphones that can truly bring in some quality and amazing performance.

At this point, there is little more to say about the Google Pixel 2 and XL 2. However, there has also been sneak peeks at the recent changes that the Google Pixel has undergone through; see how the Google Pixel XL has held up during that time and just how things unfolded for both phones.

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