Can The 'Google Pixel' Phone Beat The 'iPhone 7'?

Similar to Apple, Google has also come to the fray with two of its very own handsets, the 5-inch Google Pixel, and the 5.5-inch Google Pixel Plus. This approach is seemingly the same as Apple's; the iPhone 7 is at 4.7-inch is slightly smaller. Both phones actually share a lot of similarities in how they are being marketed as well.

Similarities are huge

According to recent reports, both phone brands claim to have the best cameras in their class. Both also claim to be the 'smartest' smartphones on the planet. They also feature conservative designs that can hardly be considered as innovative. Both the Pixels and the iPhone 7s will also be receiving software updates in the near future. Most of all, they are similar in terms of pricing - both phones are pretty expensive.

It all depends upon personal choice

The choice between going for either an Android phone or an iPhone, is, for the most part, largely based on a consumer's prior purchases. Those that have used iPhones for years and have already invested some hard-earned money in Apple's system, would find it hard to leave. The same goes for Android users.

Pixel against the iPhone 7

But to be perfectly honest, it's also not every day that Google releases a brand-new phone brand, a major move that will almost certainly appeal towards plenty of tech-loving Apple enthusiasts. In a similar context, the iPhone 7 Plus' camera is also outstanding. It is easily the best camera ever for a mobile phone, and this small fact alone gives the iPhone a lot of a lot of gravity with consumers that love taking pictures.

Can Google beat Apple?

With all things said, it seems like Apple's iPhone 7 is pretty hard to not pick over Google's Pixel. But judging by the fact that the two smartphones are seemingly identical, and with Google's reputation towards developing some very appealing technologies, it would also be a factor towards the Google Pixel potentially beating the iPhone 7.

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