Battlefield 1 They Shall Not Pass Guide: How Frontlines Mode Works And How To Win

When They Shall Not Pass DLC is went live in Battlefield 1, players want to emerge victorious in Frontlines mode even if it is challenging. No matter how complicated a new game mode in a video game is, players still want to win it. An attitude that is inherent to all gamers of today.

All About Battlefield 1's Frontlines Mode

The new game mode in Battlefield 1 is a combination of Conquest and Rush. The main goal of the mode is to fight in order to conquer the three points in the map. Frontlines mode can be compared to a game of tug of war. It means that players cannot reassure if they will win even if they have successfully conquered one point.

After capturing the first point, the mode changes to Rush. According to VG247, conquering all three points in Frontlines is not realistic. Even if they have the first point, there is a possibility that the enemies will try to stop them before they can even transfer to the second point.

It is always up to the players if they will either defend the eight telegraphs or try to destroy them by detonating all of them. Adding into the complication, there is no time limit in the game mode. It means that the players can continue to stop one another until one team wins in Battlefield 1's Frontlines mode.

How To Win In Frontlines Mode?

Since Frontlines mode is quite challenging, players must know before they go to another point. They must clear the enemies that will stop them from going to the second point. As per Inverse, the other team will do anything for the winning team not to secure the next flag.

Next, players must have an armored tank that will help them eliminate the other team in Battlefield 1's Frontlines. With the help of the tank, they can slowly push the enemies' line. Having grenades can be their saving grace in moving towards the next point.

It will depend on them if they will blind the other enemies using smoke grenades or by killing them with explosives. Nevertheless, they need to make sure they have gas masks for their protection. Lastly, players must stick with Frontlines' objective and that is to secure all points and to destroy the eight telegraphs.

Even if Battlefield 1's Frontlines may sound complicated, it will still make the game more enjoyable and more challenging. All they have to do is to strategize correctly and work as a team because they will not be successful if they do not rely on each other.

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